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Pepper Jelly: The Legacy of Gift-giving

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Although coined as the "most wonderful time of the year", the themes of family and coming together that make Christmas so special, can often shed a light on the absence of loved ones who would once squeeze around our crowded Christmas tables. As we round-up another year tinged with the effects of Covid, their memories can be a bitter sweet reminder to keep your loved ones close, create lasting memories with them and show them how much to appreciate them.

I have warm happy thoughts of back in the day, when my little sister and I would team up in the weeks before Christmas and spend hours of joyous fun creating special food such as, seasoned oil, Christmas cake and creamy fudge, and packaging them beautifully for our family Christmas hampers! It was so exhilarating! Sadly, my lovely sister passed away all too early. I carried on the tradition of special food making as gifts.

I have always loved cooking for the sheer pleasurable reward of tucking into something delicious! I believe that creating food that is exquisite to the taste, is an art! To be able to share it with the ones you love, is a gift!

For 20 years, before starting this business, I gave Pepper Jelly as Christmas presents to friends and family! There would be an outcry if someone didn’t get his or hers - such was its popularity! When I discovered that I could create the other pepper jelly flavours and that people other than friends and family also appreciated them; my GENNY GRAHAM Pepper Jelly journey began!

I have a family – a husband and two lovely creative daughters -who have all assisted me along this journey, with package design and labelling, marketing and selling, and of course, the trips in the dead of night to ‘New Spitalfields Market’ where I source my fresh ingredients!

After prepping and weighing these ingredients, they are combined with unrefined sugar and organic cyder vinegar. At a full but slow rolling boil our pepper jellies are made in a jam maslin pan, in small batches at our home kitchen. They are then potted into jars and lovingly hand labelled and packaged. We take great care to ensure that each jar is beautifully prepared before they leave us. We hope very much that you will enjoy the whole experience of the pepper jellies as much as we do.

These pepper jellies have each been entered into the Speciality Food Competition and have received three awards in recognition of their distinct flavours!!! In 2018 our Ginger Lime Pepper Jelly also won the 'Great British Food Award!'

I’m so very glad that you have found us, and I hope that when you taste our pepper jellies, lovingly made for you, that they will feed your soul this Christmas!

Want to get into the spirit of gift-giving? We have a new line of gift boxes that suits, individuals and households alike. Why not check out our range?

Thanks for checking in! Jenny x Published 22nd November 2021

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