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Hot Ginger Lime Chocolate Sauce

Prep Time:

2 mins

Cook Time:

10 mins


6 Servings



About the Recipe

Pancake day is one of our favourite days of the year! Ginger may be used in lots of chocolate treats but probably not quite like this. 

Here is a new and exciting way to pimp your pancakes, churros, ice cream and much much more...


100g 70% cocoa chocolate broken

3 flat tablespoons of GENNY GRAHAM Ginger Lime Pepper Jelly

3 tablespoons hot water


  1. In a microwave proof jug, melt the broken chocolate pieces for approximately 120 seconds checking it every 30 seconds and stirring each time.

  2. In another microwave proof mug or bowl, put in the pepper jelly and add the hot water and mix to combine.

  3. Add the pepper jelly mixture to the melted chocolate and stir until saucy.

  4. Warm for 20 seconds in the microwave and stir again. Serve immediately! Use to top your pancake and ice cream!!!

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