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An Ode to Plums

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Having launched our Plum Star Anise Pepper Jelly this week, I thought it celebratory to add a little spice to our blog by way of a poem to highlight the merits of our plums!

I hope this little escapade will still educate and inform you! Enjoy!


Our gems, seductive, round and sweet

Gorgeously fruity, handy, complete!

Deeply dense, softly holding juice

Shielded, surrounded, in a fine red wine suit.

Contained within a heart of firm golden flesh

That houses the compact stone core

This crisp vigorous sustainable variety

Will satisfy, I’m sure

They are powerful to move you,

Health giving to consume,

Protecting, repairing, subduing, repelling

Preventing anxiety, strength in the blood,

Inflammation reducer, antioxidant profuse

Reducing our sugars, save our bodies from abuse,

Health studies have proved strong disease to dilute

These dainty deserts will put up a fight for you

Their origin boasts of Asian roots,

China and Japan have since shared their purple fruit

With Spain, Italy, and Portugal too

South Africa, Chile, Argentina and US will also produce them for you

This species of plum are hardy and strong,

Their storage can last three months long

Into December when our intent will be

To Celebrate with Plum Star Anise Pepper Jelly!

So we heat them slowly, spice them up good

This robust fruit will relent soon

As with prepping and heating they become

Warm and tangy, loose and dripping

The poached Angeleno plum

So scrumptious to the tongue

So luscious when swallowed

The savour of vanilla ice cream perfectly complemented.

Side line it with pork, give it some goose,

Chicken it, Cheese it, Chinese duck it,

Glaze your roast vegetables and give them a spruce

Team it with tuna, or baba ganouch,

The addition of scotch bonnet peppers

And star anise spice

Takes GENNY GRAHAM up a few notches


Thanks for checking in!

Jenny x

Published 5th August 2021

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Lois Graham
Lois Graham
Oct 12, 2021

Wow. What a beautiful poem!

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